Mechanical Design

Productive Resources is a comprehensive engineering firm, offering a range of services to support the entire product lifecycle from development, validation, manufacturing, to field support.

Mechanical Design

Specializing in mechanical, electrical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering, we cater to a diverse array of industries, providing consultative, project-based, and contingent services to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Mechanical Services

  • New Product & Current Product Support
  • Concept & Final Design
  • Optimization / Feasibility
  • Cost Reduction / Warranty Investigation
Mechanical Design

Comprehensive Engineering Expertise: From Concept to Completion

Our background in design encompasses various aspects such as structural, castings, weldments, plastics, sheet metal, hydraulics, drive systems and more. We also have resources focused on drivetrain systems and component design, core engine, engine systems and after-treatment systems. 
Our capabilities extend to operator environment design and development, covering internal elements, upholstery, structure, and styling. We have a rich experience in auxiliary drives and material handling systems. With a commitment to innovation, our team ensures that your product is engineered with the highest standards of quality.

Structural Design & Analysis

  • Access Systems
  • Sheet Metal & Enclosures
  • Undercarriage & Frames
  • Castings and Forgings
  • FEA & CFD Analysis
  • 1D & Mathematical Modeling

Component Design

  • Plastic and Styled Surfaces
  • Molded Components
  • Engine and Drivetrain Components
  • Mechanisms
  • Consumer Products: Exteriors & Systems